About Mechanical Analysis INC.

Employed as a mechanic for Energy Industries I was asked to become a part of the Technical Services group. I traveled to 23 different countries performing various start-ups, repairs and troubleshooting of natural gas engines and compressors. Occasionally using a Beta 350 analyzer to either locate vibration or performance issues. After years of repair and overhauls on these types of equipment I was able to see first-hand the accuracy of the diagnosis and value it presented to the customer.

As an analyst I worked for Energy Industries, Universal Compression, Windrock and Wesco. In 1998 I decided to work for myself and purchased my first analyzer. During this period, I met Brad Smith whose father had started Mechanical Analysis Inc. in 1992. We joined and I became 50% owner.

In 2017 Brad and his father decided to sell me the remaining 50% and I am now sole owner of the corporation. I am a “one man show” I collect the data, review and write the reports. I approach each machine as if I owned it. Not only do I collect crank angle encoded data, statistical data and control panel information but also note any issue that I deem worthy of notice. I denote any oil leak, loose clamp, missing bolt or stud, loose support or loose or exposed wiring. My reports are a complete inspection on the condition of the machine both internally and externally.

I believe the implementation of an analysis program is the Heartbeat of any good maintenance program. When done correctly the analysis data will provide true insight to the condition of the machine. When the true condition is known the planned maintenance and daily operation can be optimized.

Let us help you keep your equipment out of the red.

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